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Happy Halloween from Triesti

We designed some shoes for Halloween-Day of the Dead. Check our our Apocalypse shoe for the occasion. We decided to add more artwork than we usually do but overall we are pleased with the results. It will be an interesting month, stay tuned for more  

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Skateboarding's Edge: The Skull Cap Toe Shoe - Uniting Protection, Style, and Versatility for All

  Skateboarding is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle. From the adrenaline-pumping tricks to the vibrant subculture, skateboarding has evolved into a global phenomenon embraced by people of all ages. With its growing popularity, the demand for skateboarding-specific footwear has led to the creation of innovative designs, and among them, the Skull Cap Toe Shoe has emerged as a standout choice for both men and women. The Skull Cap Toe Shoe: Uniting Functionality and Style The Skull Cap Toe Shoe is more than just an ordinary skateboarding shoe; it's a symbol of creativity and individuality. Featuring a unique and eye-catching design, the shoe boasts a reinforced toe cap resembling a skull's shape, hence the name. This innovative element is...

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