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Triesti Asia coming soon

Triesti is coming to Asia, led by Tomohiro Takahashi with headquarters in Tokyo. The shoes are already hovering some countries. Perhaps the most illustrious photo is the juxtaposition of the Sea Lion of Singapore with the Sky Lion of Triesti.        Stay tuned for more news!

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The little island of Gozo

Traveling in the Mediterranean it's easy to skip this 8 mile island. The sister island of Malta sits just north of the mainland. It couldn't be helped but to take some photos and have some fun with our Shell model landing on the hilltop of Gelmus in the capital, Victoria. On this tiny island of roughly 30,000 inhabitants one can also notice a small skate park, although no skaters were present at the time we took the photos. With its' all year round blue sky weather there is lots of potential to develop and promote skateboarding along it's aquatic sports and scuba diving activities held almost around the entirety of the island.

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Wear nice kicks to get chicks

When it comes to footwear everyone has their preference and taste. Attracting the desired sex however puts much more emphasis on the look and style of the shoe.  From time immemorial clothing has always tried to adapt to the exigencies of those times, after all conformity is something which we as humans strive for to live and be accepted by our brethren.  However, recent studies have put this to the test. It has been found that a unique, non-conformist footwear style earns more points when being judged by a potential mate. One explanation for this is a perceived level of independence to pursue a different path and having to bear the brunt of this action. In other words the status...

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