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Wear nice kicks to get chicks

When it comes to footwear everyone has their preference and taste. Attracting the desired sex however puts much more emphasis on the look and style of the shoe.  From time immemorial clothing has always tried to adapt to the exigencies of those times, after all conformity is something which we as humans strive for to live and be accepted by our brethren.  However, recent studies have put this to the test. It has been found that a unique, non-conformist footwear style earns more points when being judged by a potential mate. One explanation for this is a perceived level of independence to pursue a different path and having to bear the brunt of this action. In other words the status...

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Air purifying plants that require little care

Most of us know that maintaining a house is often arduous as it is, but only some are aware of the fact that a typical house normally carries a lot of pollutants which are ignored. NASA’s finding suggests a couple of plants that can do the job we cannot do ourselves, that is purify the air of our homes. Among the toxins these plants are able to absorb are benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, ammonia, xylene and toluene, and although a combination of plants is ideal to purify, according to our own experience some are really easy to grow and require only a little maintenance.  Some of these house plants include Peace lily, English ivy, Red-edged dracaena, Spider plant, Boston fern, Snake...

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We are what we wear… literally

Ordinary people are always conscious what to wear and how others perceive them by their clothing. It comes as no surprise that clothes changes the way we look and feel. In the past clothes would reveal many things about a particular person including status, religion and marital status. Recent studies have propounded on this notion and have discovered surprising results. What we wear affects directly our brain and consequently influences our behavior. According to a study this is a result of what symbolism is attributed to the clothes and the awareness of wearing them. 

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