Exploring Gozo - The Hidden Season of the Island

The island of Gozo is a popular island during summer season. The island welcomes more tourists than inhabitants. Not only is it renowned for it's sea, especially among the scuba-diving community but also for it's picturesque beaches, sun, sightseeing, and historical places. In winter Gozo is mostly forgotten, but for some who appreciate the hombre environment, not to mention the crimson and violet evening skies, it is the most beautiful time of the year. There are many activities to participate in, the temperature is warmer than the European average and the sky changes colour every month.Here are a few things which might be worth visiting the winter even more than summer:


Gozo has a range of rocky seashores which make it ideal for fishing. The sea is less populated than in the hotter seasons, so chances are that you will enjoy a great day on the beach in peace and quiet

Kite Show

A kite show is held every year in the idyllic village of Gharb, situated on the west of the island. Many kite professionals and enthusiasts alike showcase their kites while enjoying a day out in the countryside of Gozo


Although fireworks are extremely popular in the summer holidays where each village and town holds a festa, or in some cases even more than one, not many know that many Gozitans are passionate about fireworks and you can also enjoy them in winter time.


Christmas time in Gozo is a cheerful and delightful time. Everywhere smells nice, the locals decorate their houses, and the councils do their best to make their village as inviting as possible by putting shows and entertainment for both adults and children. The churches are all lavishly decorated and many are fanatics of the presepju, the annual crib depicting the time when Jesus was born.


St George's church

Coastal Walks

A fun activity, now also promoted by the Malta Tourism Authority, are coastal walks. The advantage of exploring many of the seasides during a sunny winter day is less crowds and milder temperature than in summer, which contribute to a better walking and hiking experience.

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